Osteopathic treatment is a safe and gentle way to care for most common childhood problems as well as those that are difficult to diagnose and/or difficult to treat. Children of all ages, from newborns to adolescents, respond very well to treatment. Commonly treated conditions include:


Dr. Morris has successfully treated colic in hundreds of newborns and infants. Often the result of birth-related cranial compressions, Dr. Morris’ gentle hands-on treatment works to release these compressions and cranial imbalances. By treating the underlying cause of discomfort rather than the symptoms, the pain and pressure are resolved and babies are at ease to sleep, eat and nurse normally.

Ear infections

Dr. Morris can help children with recurrent ear infections whose parents are seeking an alternative to antibiotics or who wish to avoid surgical intervention. 


Plagiocephaly & Torticollis

Dr. Morris specializes in correcting plagiocephaly in babies whose parents are seeking an alternative to a helmet or other restrictive device, and has successfully treated torticollis in babies without pharmaceutical or surgical intervention.